Why Do Chickens Stop Laying Eggs? A Guide To Fixing It Quick

Some of us may come back with a heavy heart from our backyard or chicken coop because we didn’t get our expected number of eggs from there, right? It can be so much disappointing.

Why Do Chickens Stop Laying Eggs? Plenty of reasons can be behind this phenomenon like feed, light, molting, broodiness, weather, and so on. But there are cures also, nothing to worry about.

You will get all the answers why your chickens stop laying eggs after reading this article. Then you can definitely have more eggs that you used to have.

The feed can make a change?

Chickens’ diet is important for laying eggs. There must be some problems in their diet that are causing less egg production.

Fix this!

Chickens need proteins and vitamins for the production of eggs. So check the feed you are giving to your chickens.

A chicken needs four grams of calcium per day, a good source for this is oyster shells and crushed egg shells. If chicken is not provided calcium it will take calcium from its own bones that will eventually make it weak.

Chickens need 16% protein content in their feed, they need amino acids like lysine, methionine, and all other vitamins and minerals.

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Probiotics are very much important for their diet; it will keep its immunity strong for a longer period.

Lighting Hour affects egg production!

Light is pretty much essential for chicken ovaries to stimulate.

A minimum of 14-16 hours of daylight is needed for chickens. When days become shorter they might give fewer eggs.

Fix this!

Arrangement of artificial light is needed for the chickens that are over 1 year old. Light won’t affect new chickens; they will lay without disturbance in their first years.

If you can’t afford artificial light, bring new chickens to the backyard for this problem.

Stress is not good

When we are stressed out, we hardly concentrate on work. This thing not only happens with the human but also with chickens. They usually lay fewer or no eggs having stress.

They can get stress by dogs, new chickens in the group, raccoons, and even roosters. Shifting chickens to a new location can be stressful.

Fix this!

So, take a look if you have created any change to your old chickens. Keep your chickens away from dogs making a fence. Keep aside your rooster for some days. Moreover unfamiliar things make them stressed out.

Molting of the chickens

Molting is a process of letting the old feathers go and gaining new ones. It happens around at an age of 18 months of a chicken.

It is a natural process when the chicken lays fewer eggs because it converts its energy from laying eggs to creating new feathers. This happens around the autumn season. It can last for a few months.

Fix this!

All right, now you can also fix the problem by changing its diet. Just make sure your chicken gets more protein, it can help the chicken to lay more egg than before.

As the molting phase stays a few months, the chicken will regain its laying performance. Clean the coop and make a shade when your chickens are going through molting.

Age of the chickens

Aging is a natural process, with the age a chicken slows down its laying performance.

It can give an excellent amount of eggs by the age of 2 or 3. After that, they will give eggs but at a very low amount. It will give eggs until 8 to 10 years.

Fix this!

Obviously, no one can control this but you can get many new chickens for egg production.

Diseases are threatening

Diseases are very common among chicken; the disease can hamper egg production of a chicken. Some common diseases are:

  • Tuberculosis by bacteria
  • Newcastle by virus
  • Coccidiosis by protozoa

Mites and lice can be a threat to the chickens. Check your chicken body if you find some immediately clean the coop. separate the chickens with mites and lice and give them a bath and spray the chickens.

Fix this!

Check your chickens thoroughly and if you see something unusual, consult the vet as early as possible.


When everything goes the right way, the chickens are getting proper nutrition, sunlight, etc. they must give eggs as normal times, but there arises a problem.

Your chickens are not getting out of the next. Sitting in the nest all day long then your chicken tends to fertilize its eggs that is called brooding.

A broody chicken can stay away from laying eggs for a very long time. It will also separate its breast feathers so that it can warm the eggs.

It becomes very much aggressive at that time. When someone tries to get near of it, out of defense mechanism it attacks him, peck, and bite him.

Fix this!

  1. First of all, pick out the chicken from the nest. You must wear gloves when doing this, the chicken can bite you. Do it several times in a day.
  2. When it is dark take the chicken for roosting, it may not come back to nest out of fear.
  3. Make sure after picking it out of the nest, it cannot go back to nest. Attach a wood or lock the door.
  4. Remove all the straw from the nest.
  5. Remove the egg from the nest.
  6. Place some frozen veggies to lower the body temperature because its body is too hot at that time.

Extreme weather

Weather can be a big fact in laying eggs. Extreme anything can be bad for chickens.

Scorching heat in the summer causes the chicken to stop laying. The extreme cold situation causes decreased egg production.

That time the chickens use their energy for keeping their body warm.

Fix this!

In summer, make a hood or shade to protect them from heat. A fan can be kept in the coop to keep them cold. Frozen water should be given in these days.

in cold weather, the amount of light can be increased to keep them warm or the use of a heat lamp can be beneficial.


They can create a big problem for your profit. In the night the prey and search for food.

As a result, they are end up looking at the chicken coops. They can be a rat, snake, raccoons, and others. They eat the eggs entering the coops.

Fix this!

Look the door properly and set the coop higher from the ground.

What to do with the chickens when you can’t fix the problem?

Despite of trying every single solution for the chickens, you are not getting enough results. This is so much frustrating. In case of this situation,

What to do with the chickens? Eat the chickens, this is the first tip. Get them on your dining table and enjoy a protein-packed dinner.

If you are too attached to them let them stay in your backyard. They can be beneficial too.

  1. they can guard the young chickens from predators.
  2. They are good bug catchers.
  3. They can help to make manure that is nitrogen rich for gardens.
  4. they can be broodies when you want a fertilized egg.

Last Words

Finally, egg production also depends on the breed, so select the breed for egg production wisely.

Chickens normally lay one egg in a day. If there is any exception, I hope you will know by now what to do and not to do. Keep enjoying chicken eggs.

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