What Is The Difference Between Chicken Eggs And Duck Eggs?

Eggs are undoubtedly an essential food in our diet from an ancient age. But looking for the right egg is a bit confusing because there is a huge variety of eggs out there in the market.

Is there any difference between chicken eggs and duck eggs? Yes, these have several differences. But the main difference between these two eggs is that they are two different species and their eating habits and physical constitution are completely different.

That is why we can say that 1 duck egg collects energy equal to 2 chicken eggs. If you put two eggs side by side, you will notice that their color and outer covering are completely different from each other.

The most popular eggs are chicken eggs and duck eggs. If you know everything about them, you will certainly choose the best egg for yourself.

For this, the article will highlight the differences between chicken eggs and duck eggs. Read the full article and know which egg you should give a try.

Nutrition facts

Duck eggs are much more nutritious than chicken eggs. Here is a comparison of nutrition between duck eggs and chicken eggs per 100 grams:

  • Calorie: Duck eggs have more powerful calories than chicken eggs. Duck eggs contain 185 calories, whereas chicken eggs have 149 calories.
  • Protein: As duck eggs are bigger in size, they have much protein. But per 100 grams, the protein of chicken egg and duck egg is the same, which is 13 grams and 14 grams.
  • Total fat: A duck egg has 14 grams of fat, and a chicken egg has 10 grams of fat.
  • Cholesterol: Duck eggs are pretty much high in cholesterol content. On the other hand, chicken eggs behold the safe amount of cholesterol. In 100 grams’ duck eggs have 884 mg of cholesterol and chicken eggs have 425 mg of it.
  • Minerals: Duck eggs and chicken eggs share similar mineral contents. Sodium is higher in duck eggs.
  • Vitamins: The same goes for vitamins as minerals. Duck eggs have slightly high vitamin compare to chicken eggs.
  • Omega3 fatty acid: Duck eggs contain a very high amount of omega 3 fatty acids. That is 71.4 milligrams whereas chicken has 37 milligrams.
  • Carbohydrate: Carbohydrate content is almost zero in both eggs. However, the nutrition content mostly depends on feed. So it is changeable.

Is There Any Size Difference?

Duck eggs are 30%-50% bigger than chicken eggs. This feature makes duck eggs recognizable.

It is bigger than any eggs of different types of breeds of chicken. Three chicken eggs are equivalent to two duck eggs.

The yolk of duck eggs is also bigger than chicken egg yolk. A duck egg is 70 grams and a chicken egg is 50 grams on average.

Shell Differences

Chicken eggs have thinner shells compare to duck eggs, duck egg shells are thicker having a waxy covering that makes them fresh for a longer period.

But in case of cracking, it is hard to make a perfect crack at once. So duck egg is more likely not to be broken when accidentally fallen on the ground.

The duck egg has 11% shell and the chicken egg has 10% shell of the whole egg.

Differences in Color

You can find an adequate number of colors among chicken eggs. They can be white, brown, blue, dark brown, light green, and many more.

What Is The Difference Between Chicken Eggs And Duck Eggs
Difference Between Chicken Eggs And Duck Eggs?
  1. Leghorn lays white eggs,
  2. Rhode Island red lays brown eggs,
  3. Easter egger lays green eggs,
  4. Ameraucanas lays blue eggs,
  5. Black australorp lays brown eggs.

These are popular breeds.

Whereas duck eggs come in only a few colors like blue, white. Cayugas lay charcoal gray eggs which are of course exceptional.

Baking purpose

Duck eggs are more preferable for baking too many chefs. When baking is done with duck eggs the cakes and bread shine with a lightweight and fluffiness.

Cake, pastries, bread, cookies, omelets have a better look when cooked with duck eggs than chicken eggs. Here is a healthy egg recipe that will help you lose weight

It is because duck eggs have a rich amount of albumin protein.

Also, duck eggs have more fat and less water content that makes it best for baking.

This youtube video shows and discusses the difference between chicken and duck eggs and what two eggs look like when cooking.

You can also benefit from watching it:


Chicken eggs are available in every corner in a market.

In contrast, duck eggs are less available. Nowadays everything is available in online so, one can find it online. Again farmers market does keep duck eggs, so it can be a good option for buying fresh duck eggs.

If you raise ducks in your backyard, then it would not be a problem anymore.


Chicken eggs are much cheaper than duck eggs. A dozen of chicken eggs may cost 2$-3$ depending on the region.

Duck eggs are not unnecessarily expensive, It costs 4$ and even higher. I have seen someone selling 1 duck egg at 1$, again it depends. The market value goes down or up to every now and then.

Differences in Taste

Both eggs are absolutely fantastic in taste. But duck eggs have a rich texture, it is creamier than chicken eggs because of the difference of their egg yolks.

Everything you do with chicken egg can be done by duck egg as well.

Storage (Caution!)

Chicken eggs can remain fresh in the refrigerator for up to two months and more.

Duck eggs have a longer storage life. Unwashed eggs can last three months and washed eggs last five to six weeks in the refrigerator, this is because unwashed eggs have a natural shield.

Whit out refrigerator unwashed eggs stay fresh for two weeks. However fresh eggs are the best for consumption.

Production life

Chickens have a short production life, it lays egg for 2 years and later the chicken is used for meat purposes.

Ducks have a longer production life of 3 years. So duck lays more eggs in its lifetime. Also, duck gives their first egg earlier than chicken.

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They both show excellent egg laying performance.

pH Differences

Chicken eggs are acidic.

Duck eggs are presumed to be alkaline and are suggested to cancer patients. Cancer cells grow faster but in the alkaline condition, it cannot grow well, so doctors prescribe duck eggs instead of chicken eggs for better immunity.

Again who are allergic to chicken eggs can have duck eggs, but it is not sure that he/she will not have an allergy on duck eggs but chances of getting allergy are slightly low.

Some Talks Regarding The Difference

Duck eggs are rich in calories, those who are on a calorie restricted diet (like me) should carefully eat duck eggs as it can increase your calorie count. Chicken egg is recommended for them.

Duck eggs have twice cholesterol than chicken eggs, it exceeds daily cholesterol intake. Not more than one duck egg is good for the people having cholesterol issues or can be taken on doctors’ suggestions. So for them chicken egg would be best for protein intake.

Cancer patients should consume duck eggs instead of chicken eggs for giving their immunity a little boost.

Because A duck egg can be used as a secret ingredient for your excellent baking skill, if possible use duck eggs over chicken eggs.

For a perfect hard boil duck egg, you need to be more careful because one can easily overcook them. As a result, it will turn out rubbery that nobody will want.

Ducks eat less than chicken that means if you raise duck, you will certainly have more profit on duck eggs than chicken eggs. Again ducks are easy to maintain and they are less susceptible to diseases having a low mortality rate. That means you can easily raise them and sell the eggs at a higher price.

Many have reported that duck eggs taste more ‘eggy’. But again it depends partially on feed.

Chicken egg albumin is better for foam properties whereas duck egg albumin has better gel properties. This will help for better foam and gel food products.

Last Words

I think after reading this, you will not put yourself on a dilemma on what egg to buy form markets.

This article has shown all the aspects like cooking, taste, size regarding the differences between duck egg and chicken egg. The tips I have mentioned will help you to choose which egg for what reason.

Whether it is a duck egg or a chicken egg, never stop eating eggs.

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