The Perfect Way To Know If A Chicken Egg Is Fertilized Or Not

We eat eggs on a daily basis without knowing if it is fertilized or not. We don’t bother because it doesn’t affect the taste of the eggs. But have you ever wondered on this fact that if the egg is fertilized or not, then this article is for you.

The most common answer would be you have to crack the eggs to see the difference in the yolks. If you are in a farm and there is no rooster then all the eggs would be unfertilized, common scene, huh! Another way to know this without cracking the egg is candling.

So in this article, you will get the answers that made you puzzled for a time being.

The way of becoming a fertile egg

It has one and only way that is mating the chickens with the roosters. In a farm, you need some roosters for the reproduction of the chickens. A rooster can mate with many chickens.

It all happens normally in the spring season when the lighting hour increases and the pineal gland detects it. The gland then stimulates other hormones to produce like estrogen, progesterone, androgen for reproduction. They lead other hormones to produce also.

For mating the roosters’ dance for their female partners so that they get attracted for mating process. The hens become attracted to him and very few chickens are not interested though the number is very small.

But the mating can be without the consent of the hens and may appear like rape to us but not for them and this is the natural process. Sometimes it may harm the chickens’ skin and feathers.

On the other hand, when a hen is ready to mate, she simply squats down to make herself steady. Then the rooster mounts her form back.

In this process, the cloaca of the rooster touches the cloaca of the hen and thus the exchange of genetic material happens.

How to know if the egg is fertile or infertile

How to check if an egg is Fertile or Infertile

Let’s crack it!

You cannot tell the egg is fertile or not from the outside. They just all look the same from the outside. If you are buying an egg from a supermarket the possibility of being a fertile egg is less than 10 percent.

If you get an egg from such a farm that doesn’t have any roosters, then the egg will not be fertile that you can tell your eyes closed.

The problem is when you don’t know the source of the egg then how will you determine the state of the egg. The most realistic and reliable method is to crack the egg and see it from the inside.

When you crack an egg you see egg yolk and egg white. In the egg yolk, there is a white dot, a very small dot. The dot is called the germinal disc or blastodisc. That means the egg is not fertilized, no sperm has entered into the egg.

On the contrary, in a fertilized egg the white dot is bigger and with a ring around it. Then it’s called the blastoplasm. This blastoplasm will grow and develop into a chick.

The white ring is called the bullseye. The ring then contains both the genetic materials of the rooster and the hen. That’s how you know if an egg is fertilized or not.

Candling the egg

One of the oldest and safest methods is to candle the eggs. It is mainly used by farmers and considered a traditional way of knowing if the egg is fertilized or not. It will show any irregularities such as developing the chicks.

For candling you will need a lit candle to see the egg. You will see some blood points inside the egg and sometimes the embryo. If the egg you are holding above the light is opaque, then the egg is fertilized otherwise not fertilized.

Nowadays there are special lights available for the candling of the eggs. The other way of candling is to hold a small flashlight under the larger part of the egg.

If you see a dark spot in the middle and veins around it, then the egg is fertilized. If not, you will see the egg yolk very clearly without any veins or a developing embryo.

Some FAQs

If I eat a fertilized egg, will it affect me?

Fertilized and unfertilized egg look the same from the outside and the taste is also the same. It is safe to consume fertile eggs. People from generation to generation have been eating fertile eggs and it doesn’t matter.

In the fertile eggs, the only difference is that they contain some of the genetic materials of the roosters otherwise it is all the same. When you buy a fertilized egg, it will not form an embryo in your kitchen.

Because it needs a certain amount of temperature and normally we keep eggs in a refrigerator, so no worries. Enjoy your eggs undoubtedly.

Having a blood spot on the yolk means it is fertilized?

Sometimes after cracking the eggs you will find a bloodspot on the yolk. You may have thought that it is a blood vessel and it is a fertilized egg. But it is nothing but a bloodspot that happens on the yolk in the time when it is being released from the ovary of the chicken.

It may happen because of a glitch in the hens’ reproductive system. It can happen because of genetic predisposition or because of vitamin A deficiency. There is no correlation between having a bloodspot on the yolk and being a fertilized egg.

Does fertilized egg has more nutrition?

There is no such evidence that a fertilized egg has more nutrition than the unfertilized ones. There is no difference in the chemical composition. But the fertilized one has the sperm of the rooster in it.

Does fertilized egg taste better?

Like they have no difference on the outside, they also taste the same in any way you are consuming it.

White stringy substance on the yolk means it is fertilized?

The white stringy part is chalaza. It is mostly visible on the fresh eggs; it gets thinner with the age. It has nothing to do with fertilization but its job is to hold the yolk in the right position.

I hope from this article, you have cleared all of your misconceptions. Now you know that you need not worry while eating an egg about its fertility, you can enjoy both the fertilized and unfertilized ones.

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