Are Pet Dogs Haram?

Pet dogs are not considered haram animals in Islam. But keeping a dog as a pet is prohibited in Islam. There has been significant confusion about this issue, whether pet dogs haram or not in Islam.

Are pet dogs haram in islam? Islam is a sacred religion. It speaks of raising animals and showing compassion to them, as well as refraining from certain animals. That is why keeping dogs is forbidden in Islam because it spreads various impurities.

So, In this article, The dog has always played the role of a well-known animal for the overall cooperation and vigilance of its owner.

Are Pet Dogs Haram
Are Pet Dogs Haram?

Not all pets are forbidden in Islam, but there are some animals that tell Muslims to refrain from clothing. We’ve discussed in more detail below how it is forbidden to pet dogs.

Why Is Keeping A Dog As A Pet Prohibited In Islam?

Dogs are not allowed to keep inside the house in Islam. Mainly dog saliva is called najis (unclean) and full microscopic worms and causes many diseases.

There are several reasons why keeping a dog as a pet is prohibited. Here are a few of them:

  • Dog saliva is called napak, and it causes many diseases. Though there’s a vaccine still prediction is better than cure.
  • Though dogs are loyal to their owners, they sometimes bite or scratch their owners while playing with them.
  • Dogs do sexual activities everywhere in open places.
  • Some sources say dogs are affected by saytan; that’s the reason why they keep barking during azan.
  • Dogs can’t be given the same attention and care like humans.
  • No animal should be taken away from its natural places without any use or strong reason.

Now day vaccines are available, so you can say keeping a dog inside of the house is not risky. No, it still can affect your friends and visitors.

Here is a youtube video of an islamic teacher who talk about the pet dogs.

Is It Haram To Keep A Dog Outside Of The House?

No, it’s not dogs that can be kept outside of the house, like in a dog house.
Keeping a dog as a pet is prohibited in Islam. But dogs can be kept for some reason.

Dogs can be kept for protecting houses, harvest, livestock, warehouses, store. If it’s trained well, then it can also be used for hunting. But it must be kept outside of the house like in a dog house or somewhere in the courtyard.

Is It Haram To Touch A Dog?

It’s not haram to touch a dog. But after touching a dog the person must have a bath or clean his hand and clothes in the proper way.

Muslims pray namaz for 5 times a day and they must be cleaned before namaz. As dogs are claimed uncleaned in Islam that’s why the person should not come in a touch with a dog before prayer.

If a person touches a dog and finds something wet on it, the person must wash his hand seven times, one of which should be with soil. If soil isn’t available then he can use other cleaning materials like soap, detergent, etc.

What To Do If A Dog Licks You Or Your Clothes?

First of all, you must avoid being licked by a dog. But accidentally if you get licked by a dog then you must have a proper bath or clean the najis part of your body or clothes seven times and the first time you must use soil if the soil is available. But if it’s not available then you can use other cleaning products.

Is It Possible To Pray Namaz In A House With A Dog?

Dogs are not allowed to keep inside of the house because it’s claimed unclean in Islam especially its saliva. But if you are on a visit to someone’s house that has a pet dog inside the house then you must be very careful about your namaz.

The place you pray namaz must be cleaned in the proper way and during namaz the dog must be kept away.

Feeding Dogs Islamic Views

Providing food to animals is a kind job in Islam. The person who feeds animals will be rewarded.

There are two famous stories in Islam traditions that tell us that two people were forgiven their all past sins only for their mercy that they had shown to a dog.

It’s a clear example that providing food to dogs or any other animals is a great work and the person who provides food to hungry animals will be rewarded with the grace of Allah.

Killing Dogs Allowed In Islam?

First of all, In Islam, it is not allowed to hurt or kill Any animal unless it is causing harm to people.

It is allowed to kill an undomestic, wild, mad dog, or other animals if it is harming people by attacking, biting, or carrying a disease. But you cannot kill dogs or other animals without reason.


From an Islamic point of view, it is haraam to keep a dog in a house, but if you see this animal somewhere outside or find it in such a state that it asks you for help, you can help it as much as you can. Islam never allows an animal to be hurt or killed because Allah the Almighty has said that to have mercy on an animal

What is haram? When we hear the word haram, we understand that it is an Arabic word. If you want to know the full meaning of this then I say its full meaning is Forbidden.

In a word, in order to be deprived of the Islamic view which destroys the faith of a believer, this haraam word has been warned considering various animals and other things.

Are Cats Haram In Islam? Cats are very clean looking, but from an Islamic point of view, one is considered as haram as a pet dog.

Are Pet Snakes Haram? All animals are commanded in Islam to caress, but animals that could ruin a believer’s faith have been warned to avoid, just as snakes are forbidden in Islamic terms.

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Pet dogs are not considered haram animals in Islam. But keeping a dog as a pet is prohibited in Islam. There has been significant confusion about this issue, whether pet dogs haram or not in Islam.